Redwind Productions recently completed production on To Whom It May Concern, a documentary about the life of 1960s Hollywood Asian actress Nancy Kwan.

Colleen Seldin will be selling foreign rights at EFM through her new Locomotive Distribution.

“Growing up in my native New Zealand I would see films where the Chinese heroine of the movie was often played by a Caucasian,” Redwind founder and the film’s writer, director and producer Brian Jamieson said.

“I wanted to know why, for authenticity, the Chinese role wouldn’t be more suited to an actual Chinese actor. Then Nancy Kwan changed everything by becoming the very first Asian actress to play a leading role in a major Hollywood film.

“This created the cultural shift that would begin the change to a greater reality in the treatment of Oriental subject matter. I saw a story here that was bigger than the sum of its parts and I was determined to tell it as I saw it.”