New distribution initiative launched at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

IFFR’s new distribution initiative Tiger Release was launched at the festival yesterday wiht an ‘on stage workshop’ focusing on the online marketing plans, possibilities and challenges of three pre-selected films that will make use of Tiger Release as an online launching platform.

The titles include Malaysian film The River of Exploding Durians by Edmund Yeo and Limbo by German director Anna Sofie Hartmann.

IFFR has signed a multi-year pact with Infostrada Creative Technology, a leading Dutch media company, to launch Tiger Release.

Tiger Release will give rights-holders of movies playing in Rotterdam’s official selection the opportunity to show their films on Infostrada’s global VoD  platforms including iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Play and PlayStation Network in the territories of their choice.’

Tiger Release offers film makers and rights holders access and delivery to established VOD distribution platforms, like Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Marketing support will be offered through IFFR branded VOD channels.

Tiger Release provides the rights holder with full control over the release of their film: to decide when, where and on which platform they release the film.

There will be transparent and automatic recoupment. IFFR takes no share (only platforms and aggregation partner may share, ensuring 50% revenue and up).
There are alsono upfront expenses; Tiger Release pre-finances the upload costs. These costs (€365 for a Feature or €200 for a Short) will be recouped from first revenues.

Subtitles in the language of the country or territory rights holders that want to release the film will be offered at competitive rates.

Tiger Release will store the film on secure servers from where it will be delivered to VOD platforms or film festivals.