Further details have emerged of the marketing and release plans for religious-themed portmanteau picture Words With Gods, which features contributions from such directors as Guillermo Arriaga, Emir Kusturica, Mira Nair and Hector Babenco.

The film, which has been screening out of competition in Venice, is produced by Arriaga along with Alex Garcia and Lucas Akoskin.

Speaking in Venice, Paula Alvarez Vaccaro, who produced Kusturica’s contribution, has revealed that there will be “a big inter-faith” campaign to accompany the distribution of the film. This is being coordinated through Vaccaro’s London-based company Pinball.

Sales are currently being handled by Garcia’s LatAm Pictures.

“We are going to tackle different territories and different areas with different activities,” Vaccaro explained. The intention is to create events around each short that will promote inter-faith dialogue and debate as well as educational activities.

The film looks at everything from atheism to Aboriginal spirituality, from Serbian orthodoxy to Buddhism.

Words With Gods has already been selected for several other festivals, among them Chicago (which will host the North American premiere), Rio and Los Cabos in Mexico, where its screenings will be seen by Nobel Prize winning writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

Kusturica’s short, in which the double Palme d’Or winner stars as a monk, provided the inspiration for the director’s current feature, On The Milky Road, in which he co-stars with Monica Bellucci. Shooting is expected to be completed by November and a sales agent will be announced shortly.