As-yet-untitled feature from Lukas Moodysson [pictured] is one of five titles set to do post-production at Film I Vast’s base in Trollhättan.

In Cannes this weekend, Film I Vast, Scandinavia’s leading regional film fund, revealed details of the new films that are headed to its base in Trollhättan.

Producer Lars Jonsson of Memfis Film will be bringing Lukas Moodysson’s new feature to Film I Vast. As yet untitled, this is about two punkish teenage girls in the 1980s. It’s being billed as a return to the “feelgood” Moodysson style of his breakthrough hit, Together. Shooting is due to begin later in the year. TrustNordisk is in talks to handle sales.

Lisa Langreth will be bringing her new film Hotel, starring Alicia Vikander. This is being produced by Stockholm-based independent outfit B-Reel.

Daniel Joseph Borgman’s The Weight Of Elephants, which has been shooting in New Zealand, will be doing its post-production at Trollhättan as will Anders Morgenthaler’s Petit. (Both films are from Zentropa.) It is yet to be decided whether Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomania, which will shoot in Germany, will do its post-production at Trollhättan.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives, starring Ryan Gosling, will also do post-production at Trollhättan.

Meanwhile, Sean Wheelan, CEO and Founding Partner of post-production house Filmgate, also confirmed that Princess Di film Caught In Flight is set to do its post-production at Trollhättan.

Film I Vast has co-produced more than 350 films, among them such recent titles as Woman In Black and Melancholia.