Munich-based Cinepool made its first sales on two stereoscopic 3D animation films in a raft of deals at a busy Cannes market.

Stereo 3D trailers of the Legends Of Valhalla - Thor  and 7 Dwarves – The 7th Dwarf – which are both in preproduction – were shown for the first time to buyers at the Marché.

Pre-sales for Legends will see the film going to China (H.G.C. Entertainment), Poland (ITI Cinema), Latin America (SWEN International), Turkey (Tiglon), Thailand (J-Bics Film) and the Middle East (Viva Stars), while 7 Dwarves was picked up by H.G.C. Entertainment  for China and Viva Stars for the Middle East. The Icelandic-German-Irish co-production with Ulysses Film and Magma Films reunites the makers of Niko And The Way To The Stars as they work now together with Icelandic animation studio Caoz on this project.

After two live-action films about the adventures of the 7 Dwarves, producers Douglas Welbat, Otto Waalkes and Bernd Eilert have teamed up with 3D animation specialist Trixter Film and distributor Warner Bros. to return to the screen with a 3D animated feature directed by actor Boris Aljinovic and Trixter’s Michael Coldewey.

In addition, Cinepool reports sales for Anno Saul’s mystery thriller The Door (Die Tür) to France (Seven Sept), Poland (ITI Cinema), China (H.G.C. Entertainment) and the Middle East (Viva Stars), with Urs Odermatt’s Hitler satire Mein Kampf, based on George Tabori’s play of the same name, being snapped up for the UK (Revolver), Benelux (Victory Productions), Former Yugoslavia (Tuck International) and Scandinavia (CCV).

Meanwhile, the Swiss sci-fi thriller Cargo was bought by France (Seven Sept), Scandinavia (CCV), Thailand (Seven Seas Media & Network) and the Middle East (Viva Stars).

At the same time, Phase 4 Films picked up the North American home video rights for The Wild Soccer Bunch 2 (Die wilden Kerle 2) ahead of this year’s World Cup in South Africa.