EXCLUSIVE: During the Venice market, Frank Mannion’s production, sales and distribution outfit Swipe has confirmed it will handle the UK release of Gilles Legrand’s French wine-themed drama Tu Seras Mons Fils, which is about a family running a vineyard in Bordeaux.

Swipe is planning to market the film heavily to wine lovers as well as fans of French movies.

Mannion acquired the film from the producers Frédéric Brillion and Legrand of Epithète Films. Universal released in France.

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Niels Arestrup and Lorent Deutsch star in the story of a passionate winemaker who doesn’t want his son to take over his beloved vineyard.

“It’s a great, engrossing drama with beautiful landscapes and lots of interesting viniculture to explore,” Mannion told ScreenDaily.

Mannion is planning a UK and Irish release on Dec 7 in the UK after a premiere at the French Film Festival UK in November. The film will go out in “select cities.”

Swipe is hatching sponsorship deals with leading wine merchants to sponsor Q&A screenings around the country.

“If ever there was a film that lent itself to cross promotion, it’s a film about a dynastic struggle set in a vineyard,” Mannion commented. “It’s like a postcard to the Bordeaux region…French film lovers, a lot of them are French wine lovers.”