Jose Padilha, Fernando Meirelles are among filmmakers seeking greater control of their box-office revenues.

Jose Padilha [pictured], Fernando Meirelles, Daniel Filho, Andrucha Waddington and other Brazilian filmmakers and producers have launched a new distribution company seeking to increase their films’ revenues in the country.

Called Nossa Distribuidora, the company offers an alternative business model, where the producers will be able to distribute their own films, retaining the copyright and having a greater control over the box office sales.

“Producers’ revenues are expected to increase five times on average,” said Jose Padilha, who announced the launch of Nossa during the current Rio International Film Festival.

The new company was created inspired by Padilha’s successful independent distribution experience with his last film in Brazil. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within was distributed by his own film production, the Zazen Producoes. The film which sold more than 11, tickets domestically was selected as Brazil’s Oscar entry in the foreign-language race.

Working as a service provider, Nossa won’t charge the usual distribution commission. Because the producers will have to raise funds not only for the production but also for the P&A, the company will charge only a fixed fee (depending on the size of the release).

“We are not going to release our films only. We will offer the same services to all producers, including foreigners,’’ added Padilha. The first film to be released by Nossa will be Artificial Paradises, directed by Padilha’s partner at Zazen, Marcos Prado.

In addition to Zazen, Nossa includes six more Brazilian companies: O2 Filmes, Conspiracao Filmes, Lereby Prods, Morena Filmes, Vinny Filmes and FL & MAM Participacoes, from Marco Aurélio Marcondes, who will be the executive director of the new distribution company.