To celebrate 40 years of Screen International, several of our illustrious previous editors reflect on their favourite Cannes memories.

Colin Brown with De Niro

It was 1975 when Peter King purchased what was then known as CinemaTV Today from Sir John Woolf and relaunched the publication as Screen International.

In the four decades since we’ve existed under that name, we’ve covered Cannes with an annual fervour bordering on fanaticism (how else to describe the effect of working round the clock covering the nitty-gritty of the festival in daily editions?).

We’ll be celebrating 40 years of Screen in a special issue later this year but for now, a few of our previous editors share their festival memories.

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Quentin Falk, Editor (1979-82)

Colin Vaines, Co-editor (1982-83)

Adrian Hodges, Co-editor (1982-83)

Terry Ilott, Editor (1983-87)

Nick Roddick, Editor (1987-88)

Boyd Farrow, Editor (1995-98)

Colin Brown, Editor-in-chief (1998-2008)

Michael Gubbins, Editor (2004-09)

Mike Goodridge, Editor (2009-12)

Wendy Mitchell, Editor (2012-14)