Transatlantyk and San Sebastian plan culinary-themed strands.

The Berlinale’s Culinary Cinema programme is a concept that is now spreading to other festivals.

Two international film festivals are now cooperating with the Berlinale to adopt the strand’s “philosophy and format.”

The new Transatlantyk Poznan International Film & Music Festival (Aug 7-12) in Poland will show five culinary films. And then Woijech Modest Amaro will cook food that fits the films as well as the region and the season. The festival’s founder is Oscar-winning composer Jan Kaczmarek who noted: “I believe that bringing the program to Poland will reinforce the already growing support for the Slow Food philosophy, making our quality of life better. It will help increase awareness of the dangers of environmental damage, caused by industrial food production, and global food transportation. I want to thank the Berlinale for its generous cooperation.”

And San Sebastian, a town already noted for its food — it has the city with the most Michelin stars per square meter, will host Zinema Culinaria during the 59th San Sebastian Internaitonal Film Festival (Sept 16-24). That strand will open with Mugaritz BSO [pictured] by Felipe Ugarte and Juantxo Sardon, about the chef of famed Mugaritz.

The other films to screen in San Sebastian will be El Bulli: Cooking In Progress; The Way of The Wine (El Camino Del Vino), Romantics Anonymous (Les Emotifs Anonymes); Jiro Dreams of Sushi; Noma - At Boiling Point; and Perfect Sense. Chefs to cook include Ruben Trincado, Roberto Ruiz, Inigo Lavado, Mikel Santamaria, Ixak Salaberria and Josean Eizmendi.

As San Sebastian’s José Luis Rebordinos said: “When we decided to create our own section on cinema and gastronomy, we came to the conclusion that the best way to do so would be by working together with one of the biggest festivals worldwide, the Berlinale. Thus we would be able to draw on its experience and prestige in both worlds: cinema and cuisine.”

The Berlinale hopes that some of the chefs and guests from the partner festivals will also attend the Berlinale in 2012.