Industry series Film Finance TV is gearing up for sessions in Cannes covering current trends in entertainment finance.

The broadcast is planned for May 19, offering six 26-minute shows.

Topics will include film and TV finance, production and distribution, including deal structures, new trends, and case studies.

Bloomberg TV broadcasts the series and shows are also available for live interactive streaming. Screen International is a media partner.

Partners on the series are Magnet Media Productions, Paramax FIlms, Monde Ouest Productions and MPH Entertainment.

Speakers will include Fredrik Malmberg of Paradox Entertainment, Joseph Woolf of One West Bank, Shebnem Askin Schreger of Twentieth Century Fox, Jasper van Hecker of Universal Pictures, Peter Iacon of  Lionsgate, Jim Mullany of Salem Partners, Bill Johnson of Lotus Entertainment, Roeg Sutherland of CAA, Jon Shiffman of MPH Entertainment, Jeanette Buerling [pictured] & Michele Ohayon of Magnet Media Group, Judith Chan of Coutts Bank, Warren Goz of DWB Finance, Adrian Politowski of UMedia, Mark Horowitz of H2O Motion Pictures, Chris McGurk of Cinedigm Entertainment Group.

 “We are excited to be able to apply our newly developed streaming technology and stream the show live in top quality. The industry players has been longing for this for many years. For the first time, a TV show focused on film finance is to be broadcast on the most exclusive networks to talk about the state of the art of movie financing. The only place where you will see finance experts discussing creativity when talking about business plans,” said Thierry Meunier, CEO of Paris based digital production company Monde Ouest.

“Film Finance TV will bring important information about film financing to audience around the world, live from the Film Festival, In addition, we will broadcast interviews with produces and filmmakers, whose films are screening at the festival, added Amos Rozenberg, CEO of Paramax Films.

“The film finance & production industry in Hollywood and  in Europe has undergone drastic changes in the last 24 to 36 months. When we were approached to provide the content for Film Finance TV. and we did so focusing on those changes,” said Jeanette Buerling, Co-CEO of Magnet Media Group.

“We are truly grateful to all our colleagues in the industry who are supporting this unique broadcast and share their experiences on Film Finance TV,” added Michele Ohayon, co-CEO of Magnet Media Group. It is our way of giving back what we all learned and experienced throughout the years.

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