King of Mahjong to be directed by Adrian Teh.

Singapore’s Clover Films is to produce comedy feature King Of Mahjong, directed by Adrian Teh (The Wedding Diary), will star Chapman To Man-Chat, Mark Lee and Michelle Ye (a.k.a. Ye Xuan).

King Of Mahjong is about a legendary mahjong master’s two top disciples – Huang Tian Ba, played by Singaporean comedian/actor/director Mark Lee (Money No Enough), and Ah Fatt, played by Hong Kong actor Chapman To (Infernal Affairs, Golden Chickensss).

The rivals go up against each other after 20 years apart when Huang kidnaps the retired Fatt’s wife to force him to compete for the title of International Mahjong King.

Teh said: “I have always enjoyed mahjong-themed movies and I’m excited to finally director one myself, and what more with an ensemble cast like this.

“Mahjong is a game enjoyed by people of all ages and any language, so I believe this movie will be well received.”

Dubbed “the first Singapore movie centred on the traditional game of mahjong”, the film is set to feature plenty of witty banter and jokes from lively characters.

The cast also features Hong Kong stars Eric Tsang, Chu Mi Mi and Lu Hoi Pang as well as Singapore’s Liu Qian Yi and Chen Jian Bin in cameo appearances.

Upcoming actresses Venus Wong and Cheronna Ng from Hong Kong TV series Never Dance Alone will play the rivals’ daughters.

King Of Mahjong is fully financed by Zingshot Productions Pte Ltd, a family-owned enterprise established in February. The film is produced by Singapore’s Clover Films and Malaysia’s Asia Tropical Films.

The film is slated for release in the first quarter of 2015.