EXCLUSIVE: The psychological thriller is heading to Germany, Spain and Scandinavia.

Olivia Lonsdale

Sales outfit Dutch Features has been enjoying a bumper market led by key sales on Silk Road starring Olivia Lonsdale.

Rights have gone in Germany (Tele München), Spain (AMC Network), and Scandinavia (Manymore Films).

The psychological thriller is inspired by the life of a small-town boy from Holland who becomes the world’s most wanted cybercriminal.

Meanwhile comedy Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman from Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuill, has been snapped up for Germany and Italy (Koch Media), and China (HY Media).

Marc Conen’s thriller Sunset Contract about a social media mogul who encounters the devil in the form of a woman, has closed with HY media for China. TV series Riphagen has gone to Latin America (Centauro) and China (Melting Culture).

Finally, Tim Oliehoek’s TV crime drama The Body Collector has sold to Notorious Pictures in Italy and Centauro in Latin America.