Screen can reveal the first trailer for Still River, a suspense drama from Greek director Angelos Frantzis that premieres at next month’s Thessaloniki International Film Festival (November 1-11).

Set in the frozen Siberian landscapes, it centres Anna and Petros, a couple who are shocked to discover Anna’s pregnancy given they have not had sex. Their search for an explanation leads to mistrust, and their relationship becomes a battle between the rational and the spiritual.

Producers are Giorgos Karnavas and Konstantinos Kontovrakis for Heretic, Mathieu Bompoint for Mezzanine Films, Aija Bērziņa and Alise Gelze for Tasse Film, Vassilis Alatas for Alatas Films and Frantzis for The Gardens. The film will also play in competition at Estonia’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (November 16 - December 2).

Frantzis has directed four previous features including 2010’s Into The Woods, which hit the circuit at festivals including Hong Kong, Rotterdam and Munich.

Heretic Outreach is handling world sales on the title.