Source: Netflix


Expanding its presence in Canada, Netflix is creating a production hub in Toronto by leasing multiple stages in the city’s Cinespace and Pinewood Toronto studios. 

The sites will support upcoming Netflix series and films - including anthology series Guillermo Del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight and film Let It Snow – that will provide jobs for up to 1,850 Canadians a year, claims the global streaming service. 

At Cinespace, Netflix is leasing four sound stages, office space and support space totaling 164,000 square feet. At Pinewood, the streamer is leasing four sound stages and office space adding up to 84,580 square feet. 

Netflix already leases Martini Film Studios in Canada’s British Columbia province and produces at other sites in the country on a project-by-project basis. Projects the company has shot in Canada include the Lost In Space and A Series of Unfortunate Events series and films The Package, In The Shadow Of The Moon and The Christmas Chronicles. Series V-Wars and October Faction are currently shooting for the platform in Canada. 

Netflix says it is on course spend more than the CAD $500m it committed in 2017 to invest in production in Canada over five years. The investment plan caused some anxiety in Canada’s Montreal-based Francophone film industry.