Screen can reveal the trailer for The Chapel by Oscar-nominated Belgian director and writer Dominique Deruddere, which has just been boarded for international sales by Picture Tree International (PTI).

The Chapel will world premiere as the opening film of the Ostend Film Festival on January 27. Deruddere’s satirical comedy Everybody’s Famous! was nominated for best foreign language film at the 2000 Oscars.

The Chapel will be part of PTI’s Berlinale/EFM slate alongside the recently announced John Malkovich vehicle Seneca – On The Creation Of Earthquakes.

The Chapel is about a twenty-three-year-old virtuoso pianist, Jennifer Rogiers, whose terrible secret resurfaces when she is given the chance to compete in the final of the world famous Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition. The Savage Film production is set for a domestic theatrical release by Paradiso on February 8.

Deruddere’s other credits include Crazy Love (a.k.a. Love is a Dog from Hell), based on the works by Charles Bukowski, and Wait Until Spring, Bandini which was produced by Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios.

PTI’s EFM line-up also features A Whole Life by Hans Steinbichler which is based on the novel by Robert Seethaler. The novel has been translated into more than 40 languages and the feature film is produced by Epo-Film Austria in co-production with Tobis Film, Germany. Currently in post-production PTI will present a first promo at the EFM.

The first EFM market screenings will also take place for historical biopic Alma & Oskar by Dieter Berner starring Emily Cox, which explores the turbulent relationship between the Viennese society Grand Dame Alma Mahler and the expressionist artist and enfant terrible Oskar Kokoschka. Alma & Oskar, co-produced by Film AG, (Austria), Wüste Film (Germany), Turnus Film (Switzerland), and Dawson Films (Czech Republic), is set for domestic release in Germany in July 2023.

Following its Tallin Black Night Festival world premiere, The Chambermaid is another market premiere in PTI’s EFM line-up. The period drama produced by Bright Sight Pictures and Cineart TV captures a period of social and political disruption around the First World War and the collapse of the Austria-Hungary empire, which is paralleled by an unconventional love story of two young women. The local releases are scheduled for February 2 by Continental Film (SK) and March 16 by CinemArt (CZ).