EXCLUSIVE: As feature film sales agents continue to adapt to the evolving landscape, CEO Morris Ruskin has launched a television division in the run-up to MIPCOM.

Executive vice-president Sam Eigen and vice-president of sales Brian Sweet will introduce buyers to the documentary series that follows the true stories of Cold War-era spies.

Each episode of Legendary Spies will feature new interview clips and dramatised recreations and is being narrated by a source in the ‘information industry’.

Shoreline is co-producing Legendary Spies with General Producer’s Center, a company based in Belarusia and Russia.

The pilot charts the activities and arrest of Russian spy Rudolph Abe, and his subsequent return to Russia through a diplomatic trade.

Shoreline said the storyline was similar to that of the upcoming Steven Spielberg feature starring Tom Hanks that went into production last week.

“I’ve always been fascinated by spies and when we started approaching distributors with the concept we immediately saw that I’m not alone,” said Ruskin (pictured), who serves as producer alongside Eigen and Alexander Mishalov. “There is great interest in these stories and characters.”

Shoreline also plans on creating features based on the stories and has developed a script with UK screenwriter Ray Gower based on the life of Bogdan Stashynsky, the KGB assassin who defected to the West.

Shoreline is also co-developing the Latin American vigilante drama Vaya Con Pancho for television. The company produces with Guatemala-based Oro Puro Productions, with whom Ruskin and his team collaborated on the film Captain Orellana And The Possessed Village.