Pin cushion

Source: Venice Critics Week

‘Pin Cushion’

Stray Dogs has boarded international sales of Deborah Haywood’s Pin Cushion, ahead of its opening night premiere at Venice Critics’ Week.

The British film opens Venice Critics’ Week tomorrow (31 August) and has its first industry screening tonight (30 August). Venice Critics’ Week head Giona Nazzaro described the film as “a cruel, very colourful film that signals the talent of a very promising director.”

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Nathan Fischer, founder of Paris-based Stray Dogs, said, “We are thrilled to be working on such a fresh and strong debut. Pin Cushion has the social elements of some of the best British films and the goth-pop aesthetics of early Sofia Coppola work. It manages to be very delicate while it totally represents this new wave of more raw female genre films.”

Haywood writes and directs her first feature, after previously making the award-winning shorts Sis and Lady Margaret.

In Pin Cushion, Lily Newmark stars as Iona, who moves to a new town with her mother Lyn (Joanna Scanlan). Iona struggles making new friends who act more like frenemies, and both mother and daughter retreat into fantasy and lies.

The film is produced by Gavin Humphries with Maggie Monteith of Dignity Film Finance, who finances alongside the BFI with National Lottery funding. Executive producers are Josephine Rose, Chis Reed, and Lizzie Francke for the BFI.

Stray Dogs, launched in 2015 to champion edgy, international, director-driven films, has a slate that also includes Ilan Klipper’s The Starry Sky Above Me, Nathan Silver’s Thirst Street, Germano Maccioni’s The Asteroids and Ben Russell’s Good Luck.