colour out of space

Source: TIFF

‘Color Out Of Space’

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) brass on Thursday (8) unveiled selections in the Midnight Madness, Discovery, TIFF Docs, and Cinematheque programmes set to screen next month.

The 10-strong Midnight Madness programme includes world premieres of Rose Glass’s psychological thriller Saint Maud, Joko Anwar’s Indonesian superhero adaptation Gundala, and Richard Stanley’s H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Color Out Of Space starring Nicolas Cage. Jeff Barnaby’s previously announced zombie outbreak thriller Blood Quantum from Canada and Isaac Nabwana’s Ugandan gonzo action film Crazy World bookend the section.

TIFF Docs features 25 non-fiction works, including 18 world premieres, and opens with The Cave from Oscar-nominated director Feras Fayyad, about an underground hospital led by a female doctor in war-torn Syria. Other world premieres include Alan Berliner’s personal reflection on photojournalism, Letter To The Editor; Barbara Kopple’s hostage rescue chronicle Desert One; Formula E electric cars competition film And We Go Green; Thomas Balmès’ Sing Me A Song, about a young monk in Bhutan who forms a long-distance relationship via his smartphone; and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Dads, which explores fatherhood with celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

TIFF Cinematheque will feature select screenings in 35mm, with two prints from the TIFF Film Reference Library Screening Collection. Narrative titles will be preceded by guest introductions from festival filmmakers. Palcy and Larraín will be on hand to discuss their films, A Dry White Season and No, respectively. Angela Schanelec will present Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket; Rian Johnson will introduce Herbert Ross’ The Last Of Sheila; and Robbie Robertson – the subject of the festival’s opening night film Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson And The Band – will introduce Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz. Tickets to all TIFF Cinematheque screenings are free.

TIFF Discovery presents 37 films from emerging filmmakers representing 35 countries, including 33 world premieres, with women directors accounting for 54% of the selection. The programme opens with Chiara Malta’s Simple Women, in which a director meets an actor she idolised in her youth.

TIFF runs from September 5-15.

Midnight Madness

* Midnight Madness Opening Film *
Blood Quantum (Can)
Dir: Jeff Barnaby
World premiere


Color Out Of Space (USA)
Dir: Richard Stanley
World premiere


* Midnight Madness Closing Film *
Crazy World (Uga)
Dir: Isaac Nabwana
World premiere


First Love (Hatsukoi, Jap-UK)
Dir: Takashi Miike
North American premiere


Gundala (Indo)
Dir: Joko Anwar
International premiere


The Platform (El Hoyo, Sp)
Dir: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
World premiere


Saint Maud (UK)
Dir: Rose Glass
World premiere


The Twentieth Century (Can)
Dir: Matthew Rankin
World premiere


The Vast Of Night (USA)
Dir: Andrew Patterson
Canadian premiere


The Vigil (USA)
Dir: Keith Thomas
World premiere



And We Go Green (USA)
Dirs: Fisher Stevens, Malcolm Venville
World premiere


The Australian Dream (Aust-UK)
Dir: Daniel Gordon
International premiere


Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (USA)
Dir: Eva Orner
World premiere


The Capote Tapes (UK)
Dir: Ebs Burnough
World premiere


*TIFF Docs Opening Film*
The Cave (Syr-Den-Ger-USA-Qat)
Dir: Feras Fayyad
World premiere


Citizen K (USA-UK)
Dir: Alex Gibney
North American premiere


Collective (Colectiv, Rom-Lux)
Dir: Alexander Nanau
North American premiere


Coppers (Can)
Dir: Alan Zweig
World premiere


The Cordillera Of Dreams (La Cordillera de Los Sueños, Fr-Chile)
Dir:Patricio Guzmán
North American premiere


Cunningham (Ger-Fra-USA)
Dir: Alla Kovgan
World premiere


Dads (USA)
Dir: Bryce Dallas Howard
World premiere


Desert One (USA)
Dir: Barbara Kopple
World premiere


I Am Not Alone (Arm-USA)
Dir: Garin Hovannisian
World premiere


Ibrahim: A Fate To Define (Leb-Pal-Den-Qat-Slovenia)
Dir: Lina Al Abed
North American premiere


The Kingmaker (USA)
Dir: Lauren Greenfield
Canadian premiere


Letter To The Editor (USA)
Dir: Alan Berliner
World premiere


Love Child (Den)
Dir: Eva Mulvad
World premiere


My English Cousin (Switz-Qat)
Dir: Karim Sayad
World premiere


Paris Stalingrad (Fra)
Dir: Hind Meddeb
International premiere


Ready For War (USA)
Dir: Andrew Renzi
World premiere


Red Penguins (USA-Rus)
Dir: Gabe Polsky
World premiere


Sing Me A Song (Fra-Ger-Switz)
Dir: Thomas Balmès
World premiere


There’s Something In The Water (Can)
Dirs: Ellen Page, Ian Daniel
World premiere


This Is Not a Movie (Can-Ger)
Dir: Yung Chang
World premiere


Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (UK)
Dir: Mark Cousins
World premiere


Previously announced TIFF Docs films include Alan Zweig’s Coppers, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel’s There’s Something In The Water, and Yung Chang’s This Is Not A Movie.


TIFF Cinematheque

A Dry White Season (USA, 1989)
Dir: Euzhan Palcy


Pickpocket (France, 1959)
Dir: Robert Bresson


No (Chile-USA, 2012)
Dir: Pablo Larraín


The Last Of Sheila (USA, 1973)
Dir: Herbert Ross


The Last Waltz (USA, 1978)
Dir: Martin Scorsese



1982 (USA-Leb-Nor-Qat)
Dir: Oualid Mouaness
World premiere


Africa (Isr)
Dir: Oren Gerner
World premiere


The Antenna (Bina, Tur)
Dir: Orçun Behram
World premiere


The Audition (Das Vorspiel, Ger-Fra)
Dir: Ina Weisse
World premiere


August (Agosto, Cub-C Rica-Fra)
Dir: Armando Capó
World premiere


Black Conflux (Can)
Dir: Nicole Dorsey
World premiere


Bring Me Home (Na-Reul Cha-Ja-Jwo, Sth Kor)
Dir: Kim Seung-woo
World premiere


A Bump Along The Way (UK)
Dir: Shelly Love
International premiere


Calm With Horses (UK-Ireland)
Dir: Nick Rowland
World premiere


Certified Mail (Bi Elm El Wossul, Egypt)
Dir: Hisham Saqr
World premiere


Comets (Georgia)
Dir: Tamar Shavgulidze
World premiere


Disco Jorunn (Nor)
Dir: Myklebust Syversen
World premiere


Easy Land (Can)
Dir: Sanja Zivkovic
World premiere


Entwined (Gr)
Dir: Minos Nikolakakis
World premiere


The Giant (USA, pictured)
Dir: David Raboy


The Good Intentions (Las Buenas Intenciones, Arg)
Dir: Ana García Blaya
World premiere


Hearts And Bones (Australia)
Dir: Ben Lawrence
International premiere


Hope (Håp, Nor-Swe)
Dir: Maria Sødahl
World premiere


Kuessipan (Can)
Dir: Myriam Verreault
World premiere


Lina from Lima (Chil-Arg-Peru)
Dir: María Paz González
World premiere


The Lost Okoroshi (Nigeria)
Dir: Abba Makama
World premiere


Love Me Tender (Switz)
Dir: Klaudia Reynicke
World premiere


Murmur (Can)
Dir: Heather Younng
World premiere


My Life As A Comedian (En Komikers Uppväxt, Swe-Belg)
Dir: Rojda Sekersöz
World premiere


Noura’s Dream (Tun-Belg-Fra)
Dir: Hinde Boujemaa
World premiere


The Obituary Of Tunde Johnson (USA)
Dir: Ali LeRoi
World premiere


Pompei (Belg-Can-Fra)
Dirs: Anna Falguères, John Shank
World premiere


Raf (Can-USA)
Dir: Harry Cepka
World premiere


The Rest Of Us (Can)
Dir: Aisling Chin-Yee
World premiere


Sea Fever (Ire-Swe-Belg-UK)
Dir: Neasa Hardiman
World premiere


* Discovery Opening Film *
Simple Women (Ita-Rom
Dir: Chiara Malta
World premiere


Sole (Ita-Pol)
Dir: Carlo Sironi
International premiere


Son-Mother (Pesar-Madar, Iran-Czech Rep)
Dir: Mahnaz Mohammadi
World premiere


Stories From The Chestnut Woods (Zgodbe Iz Kostanjevih Gozdov, Slovenia-Ita)
Dir: Gregor Božič
World premiere


Sweetness In The Belly (Ire-Can)
Dir: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari
World premiere


Two Of Us (Deux, Fra-Lux-Belg)
Dir: Filippo Meneghetti
World premiere


Zana (Alb-Kos)
Dir: Antoneta Kastrati
World premiere.