Former Machinima division heads Angelo Pullen and Luke Stepleton have teamed up with ex-Ducky Dynasty executive producer Hank Stepleton and former YouTube gaming influencers Tom Cassell and Adam Montoya.

The privately funded influencer-driven entertainment company situated in Downtown Los Angeles comprises a collective, studio, production arm and marketing company. 

The 3BlackDot heads will attend Comic-Con in San Diego this week to talk up their Zombie Killer Squad property in partnership with Section Studios.

The partners are editing a new live-action short that will be used as a cut-scene in the game, which launched last November and recorded one million downloads in the first nine days, climbing to 2.6m.

Pullen and Stepleton said the goal was to develop the brand. “We’re building it out from the mobile game, “ said Luke Stepleton, who added the game received support from from fans of YouTube talent SeaNanners and TheSyndicateProject, both of whom feature in the game. “We’re hoping to make it into a feature that we can release through OTT platforms.”

The pair said that where appropriate, they might partner with established studios and distributors on features down the line but were ready to embrace new media platforms.

“Our core competency lies in the digital and online space,” said Pullen, adding that the primary goal was to develop audiences, be it through YouTube influencers, original IP or consumer brands.

“It’s important for us to be on the same side as the YouTube community,” said Pullen, referring to the participation of Cassell and Montoya.

The four elements of the company include Collective – harnessing the power of influencer and YouTube personalities and their brands and followers; Studio – developing IPs; Production – creating content for the 13-34-year-old gaming community; and Agency – marketing and brand integration services.

3BlackDot will continue to create and build campaigns for entertainment properties such as Machete Kills for 20th Century Fox, Volkswagen #NowYouKnow, Office Depot and Disney Infinity.