The 20-day shoot has wrapped on New Artists Alliance and XLrator Media’s psychological sci-fi starring Brandon Routh, Dane Cook and Caity Lotz from UK hit The Machine.

Ben Feldman, Tom Cavanagh and Grant Bowler also star in writer-director Matt Osterman’s story of astronauts on a simulated voyage to a distant planet designed to test psychological effects of deep space travel.

When the crew’s mental state begins to deteriorate they are forced to escape the vessel and learn they may not be in a simulation after all.

Rounding out the key cast are Fernanda Romero, Sally Pressman, Dominic Bogart and Frank Ashmore.

“Matt has penned a mind-bending screenplay that reminds us why we make movies to begin with,” said NAA partner Gabriel Cowan, who expects to announce an international sales agent shortly.

“Its complete sense of awe, mystery and character grabbed us right away. And the crazy reality is that NASA and the European Space Agency are conducting these types of psychological experiments in preparation for the manned mission to Mars right now.”

Cowan is producing 400 Days with his NAA partner John Suits and the pair recently attended Tribeca with Just Before I Go starring Seann William Scott and Olivia Thirlby and Loitering With Intent with Sam Rockwell and Marisa Tomei.

Barry Gordon and Michael Radiloff serve as XLrator Media’s executives.

Mandy Wolf, Andrew Orci, Curtis Raines and Bob Griffin are the executive producers.