AFI executives announced on Wednesday [31] a scholarship funding hike at the AFI Conservatory, the institute’s two-year graduate programme, that they said would raise funding to nearly three times previous levels.

AFI board of directors chair Robert Daly is leading the effort and gave a $1m gift in 2012 as a challenge grant for the AFI board of trustees.

To date, the AFI has raised more than $6.2m in scholarship funds for the Conservatory, which go directly towards training Fellows.

Donors include Howard Stringer, Lawrence Herbert, David Geffen, Alan Horn, Terry Semel and the Time Warner Foundation.

There are two new awards: the Gary Winick Scholarship, which has been awarded to AFI directing fellow and military veteran Henry Hughes, and the Latino Donor Collaborative, which promotes eight Fellows from the Latino community in the 2013-2014 academic year. Further new awards are expected to be announced in due course.

Photo Courtesy of AFI/Seth Pierson.