Berk has writen thes script for the erotic thriller which is the second co-production between Bioskope Pictures and Videovision Entertainment.

Lionel Newton and Jay Anstey are heading up the cast of Barry Berk’s feature debut Sleeper’s Wake, which is shooting in South Africa.

Berk has written the screenplay for the erotic thriller which is based on award winning South African author Alistair Morgan’s novel and follows a recently widowed man who takes refuge in a small coastal town where he gets caught up in a dangerous relationship.

It is the second co-production between producer Ken Kaplan’s Bioskope Pictures and Anant Singh’s Videovision Entertainment following horror film Pure Blood.  

Berk previously directed British series Wild At Heart which is based in South Africa along with South African drama series The Lab, Gaz Lam and Yizo Yizo.  

The film is shooting on location in Port Edward on the KwaZulu Coast and Johanneserg.

“The incredible locations available on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast and at Oribi Gorge are more than amazing backdrops for the setting of Sleeper’s Wake.The natural beauty of the area will be one of the stars of this suspense drama. As an all South African production we are pleased to be showcasing one of the most beautiful parts of our country,” said producer Kaplan who is hoping to take the film to the Cannes market next year.