EXCLUSIVE: Agnieszka Vosloo’s Magnitude 9 is set against Japanese tsunami.

Brett Ratner has teamed up with Poland’s Alvernia Studios to produce Magnitude 9, Agnieszka Vosloo’s updated version of Madame Butterfly.

Ratner will produce the tragic love story set against the 2011 tsunami in Japan as an ambitious US Navy officer encounters a mysterious local girl as he prepares to return home to his fiancée in Washington.

Production is scheduled for 2014 in Japan and the producers are out to cast. RatPac Entertainment’s John Cheng and Kasia Nabialczyk and Alvernia Studios’ Anna Rozalska will oversee the project.

“Magnitude 9 is one of the more powerful scripts I’ve read in a long time,” said Ratner, currently directing and producing Hercules in Hungary for MGM and Paramount.

“It combines a great love story around a natural disaster and beautifully tells the story of the incredible lengths people will go through for love.”

The project marks Vosloo’s follow-up to her 2010 debut After.Life. which opened through Anchor Bay Films in 2010 and starred Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci.

“Agnieszka had a unique vision and passion for the story and she’s amazing working with actors,” said Alvernia Studios owner Stanislaw Tyczynski. The studio has hosted the Arbitrage production.

Jeff Berg at Resolution represents Vosloo.