Distributor Cinipix has joined forces with Patricia A Beninati and Michael K Anderson’s Centerboro Productions to produce the sci-fi action film Newcomers.

The producers plan to send XCOR Aerospace’s commercial spacecraft the Lynx into space to shoot exclusive footage for the film. Former NASA Astronaut Col Richard A Searfoss will pilot the craft.

Newcomers will tell the story of a former NASA Astronaut who saves the Earth from an alien invasion with help from the commercial space industry.

Beninati and Anderson adapted the screenplay from an original story and script by Beninati. Cinipix CEO Todd Slater will produce alongside executive producer Mat Hayden. 

James MacLean of Archetype Entertainment produces alongside Jacob Silver, who originally developed the film package with Beninati and Anderson

“We knew we could approach this film in a new, non-traditional way and explore options that didn’t exist just a few years ago,” said Slater. “Partnering with a privately owned commercial space company for an interstellar sci-fi film is now very logical and doable so we wanted to move fast and create something special. We certainly know it will add a fantastic and thrilling realism to our scenes.”

“Cinipix is one of the few companies approaching the film business in a really unique way,” said Beninati. “It has created a one-stop shop that allows the creative side of the industry to focus on what we do best which is create.”

“We are delighted to have our Lynx spacecraft showcased in the film,” said XCOR Aerospace COO Andrew Nelson. “We think that Newcomers will be a fantastic piece of entertainment for science fiction fans.”