Costa Films is now setting up Juan Cabral’s feature directorial debut Two/One as an English-language project to shoot in Canada and an Asian location such as Hong Kong or Thailand.

The film needs snow (one character is a ski jumper) so will probably shoot in late 2011, Costa Films founder Eduardo Costantini told Screen during the Ventana Sur market in Buenos Aires. Originally the film was being set up to shoot in Scandinavia and Shanghai.

Of the plot for Two/One, Costantini said: “It’s difficult to define the genre, every time a man wakes up, another one goes to sleep, and they are on opposite sides of the world. It’s basically two people who coexist in one world, about how we all have our doubles.”

The project will be casting soon, and Anita Overland will oversee the film for London-based partner Revolution Films.

Cabral (pictured) is a top talent in commercials who spearheaded the lauded Sony Bravia ads.

Costa is now in post-production for a 2011 festival launch on Luis Ortega’s third feature Accursed Summer, which is adapted from the Yukio Mishima short story Death In Midsummer. That film, a fully Argentine production done with Aleph Media, shot in Buenos Aires and Carilo.

The plot follows parents who lose two of their three children, and how their perception of life completely changes following the tragedy. Julieta Ortega, Joaquín Furriel, Alejandro Urdapilleta and Eduardo “Tato” Pavlovsky star.

Also, Costa wrapped shooting three weeks ago on a new comedy by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, who previously directed The Artist and El hombre de al lado.

“We’re in two lines of films, some wholly Argentinian and some more international projects,” Costantini told Screen. “We like very much to develop entirely in house, so that’s what we’re starting to do, to work closely with filmmakers.”

Costantini previously set up a film fund for Latin American projects with Harvey Weinstein, and said they were currently “looking at one particular project, but it’s not closed yet. It would be by an Argentine director with an international cast.”

Costantini is also a co-founder of Mubi, the online film platform.