The team behind the documentary Unstoppables, about the Spanish Paralympic cycling team aka the Pirates Team, will be filming at London’s 2012 Paralympic Games, which kick off this week.

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Dani Jariod directs the project, which started shooting more than two years ago.

The story focuses on the preparation, participation and homecoming of Juanjo Méndez and Raquel Acinas in the 2012 London Paralympics.

Director Dani Jariod said: “The best thing about the Pirates is that they change people’s lives for the better without even trying. Just being there with them changes the way you confront your fears, and makes you realise that those fears might not be as scary as you thought. The Pirates are a type of school of life, a way to see and face the world.”

Méndez added: “I like being in this project because I think it can give more visibility to adaptive sports. Sometimes people don’t know what they are capable of.  They might worry that whatever happened to them that might seem to limit them. If I have reached this far, then anybody else can do it too.”

Black Train Films produces.