Workshop backs three for production, including UK film Blood Cells, produced by Samm Haillay.

Venice’s Biennale college – the development and production workshop for micro-budget films - has selected three films for production, including a new project from UK producer Samm Haillay.

The three projects are in line to receive €150,000 each as part of the second Biennale college.

The projects are:

  • Blood Cells – Joseph Bull (director, UK), Luke Seomore (director, UK), and Samm Haillay (producer, UK). A decade after a catastrophe destroyed his family and their farm, an eruption from the past compels an exiled young man to embark on an odyssey through the broken and beautiful margins of contemporary Britain. (Debut film)

  • H. – Rania Attieh (director, Lebanon), Daniel Garcia (director, USA), and Shruti Rya Ganguly (producer, India) and Pierce Varous (producer). A tale of two women, both named Helen, whose lives and relationships begin to unravel in the wake of a meteor explosion over their town of Troy, NY. It is a modern and lyrical re-imagining of a classic Greek tragedy. (Second film)

  • Short Skin – Duccio Chiarini (director, Italy), and Babak Jalali (producer, Iran/UK). One has to grow tough but without ever losing tenderness. (Debut film)

The films will be presented at the next Venice International Film Festival.