Joins forces with Unite King Films.

Encouraged by the recent international interest in Israeli films, Herzlyia’s United Studios plans to return to feature production.

The outfit was founded in 1949 and, until the mid 1980s, was the main player in the local production of feature films.

United Studios was responsible in the past for such Israeli classics as Efraim Kishon’s Sallah Shabati and Uri Zohar’s Peepers. The company has gradually moved over the years to work almost exclusively for television, bringing forth a long line of successful domestic series with considerable success.

Now, however, they have joined forces with Unite King Films, the leading investor and distributor of domestic films, for the purpose of reviving its dormant feature films arm.

The head of the features operation is Uzi Karin, its assistant director for productions, who, before joining the studios, had worked on a number of features including Eran Riklis’ The Lemon Tree.