EXCLUSIVE: Company adds Veronica Ferres to cast of Married and Cheating.

Production and finance company Magnet Media Group has come on board to produce director Bob Dolman’s Recklessness.

 “It’s a very funny action comedy,” says Magnet President Jeanette Buerling. The plot follows a depressed man who is sitting in his car contemplating suicide; when the police approach him he leads them on a car chase, along the way picking up a transvestite who changes his mood.

Dolman [pictured], who also wrote the script, has credits including The Banger Sisters starring Goldie Hawn.

President of Production and Development Michele Ohayon brought the project into Magnet, and it marks the company’s first film developed all in-house.

Also, Magnet has added German actress Veronica Ferres to the cast of Married and Cheating, which is set to star the previously announced Kiefer Sutherland, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria.

That Belgian-German-Canadian co-production, a romantic comedy about infidelity, will shoot in Belgium, Germany, Montreal and New York starting in late 2012 or early 2013.

Raymond De Felitta (City Island) will direct. Buerling and Ohayon will produce for Magnet, alongside Michael London (Sideways). The budget is expected to be below $25m. Magnet is starting to work on pre-sales directly with distributors now. Per Neumann’s European Film Bonds is on board.

Buerling is also co-chair of the Film Finance Forum @ Zurich Film Festival.