3D Entertainment Distribution and sister company 3D Entertainment Films have unveiled their slate of films in production and development.

On the heels of this year’s successful launch of Sea Rex 3D: Journey To A Prehistoric World, the company is scheduled to release at least two titles a year beginning in 2011.

Included in the line-up are Air Racers 3D: Forces Of Flight (summer 2011), Patagonia Wilderness 3D (working title) (autumn 2011), Time,The 4th Dimension (working title) (spring 2012), Kenya: The Big Five (working title) (autumn 2012) and Turtles: The Last Dinosaurs (working title) (spring 2013).

Principal photography on Air Racers 3D: Forces Of Flight has resumed in Nevada at the Reno National Championship Air Races. The first filming expedition for Patagonia Wilderness 3D will begin on September 25 and continue for two months, while Time, The 4th Dimension is scheduled to start shooting on a soundstage in Los Angeles this November.

“These landmark 3D films will be produced internally with the collaboration of local production partners,” Francois Mantello, chairman and CEO of 3D Entertainment Distribution and 3D Entertainment Films, said.

“After successfully releasing Jean-Michel Cousteau’s 2003-2008 3D underwater film trilogy, which has already grossed $80m theatrically, our ambition to become a leading player in the marketplace by offering IMAX and Digital 3D theatre operators unique, quality 3D films on a regular basis remains unchanged.”