UPDATED DECEMBER 10: The second largest city in Colombian has become the first in the growing Latin American territory to offer an incentive.

Under the aegis of Mayor Aníbal Gaviria, the fledgling Medellin Film Commission is providing a cash rebate of up to 15% of local expenditure.

The incentive combines with the national rebate initiated under National Law 1556, which launched in 2013 and offers a 40%-20% rebate, to provide up to a 50% rebate for productions that film in Medellin and Colombia.

Medellin continues to do whatever it can to promote a positive image to investors and is far removed from its reputation as the most violent city on the planet in the 1980s and early 1990s, when Pablo Escobar held sway and waged war with rival drug cartels.

The new incentive will work in tandem with a One-Stop-Shop designed to assist incoming Colombian and international producers with production paperwork and permits and develop the technical talent base in the city.

Two-time Palme d’Or contender Victor Gaviria’s La Mujer Del Animal is currently shooting in the city.

In the past 12 months US films The Boy and The City Of Deadmen shot there, while recent local titles include Carlos Cesar Arbelaez’ Eso Que Llaman Amor.

Human Persons by Frank Spano is lining up a Medellin shoot.