Belgian outfit to start production on Caroline Strubbe’s follow-up to 2009 feature Lost Persons Area

Belgian production outfit Minds Meet, which has Blue Bird in the Quinzaine, is set to start production on Deep In A Dream Of You, Caroline Strubbe’s follow-up to 2009 feature Lost Persons Area, which also screened in Cannes.

The new film begin shooting in Kent in the UK in the summer, with Anne Beresford of Artemisia Films as UK co-producer. The film picks up where Strubbe’s debut left off and takes the story on a decade. Zoltan Miklos Hajdu and Kimke Desart will star once again.

Deep In A Dream will continue shooting in Budapest later this year or in early 2012. The project has received support from the VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund).

Also, Minds Meet is considering a self-releasing strategy for Quinzaine entry Blue Bird, the second feature by Gust Van Den Berghe. The company, run by Tomas Leyers and Strubbe, previously pursued a similar strategy on Van Den Berghe’s Quinzaine 2010 selection Little Baby Jesus Of Flandr.