The Stockholm based production company plans to turn Swedish writer Kristina Ohlsson’s trilogy into three 90 minute TV movies.

Nice Drama -the Swedish drama arm of the Nordic independent production alliance Nice Group — has acquired the film rights to Kristina Ohlsson’s trilogy of best-selling crime novels, Unwanted, The Daisy and Guardian Angels.

It plans to turn the trilogy into three 90-minute TV movies (or 6 x 45 mins), with co-production partners from Sweden and Germany.

Shooting is scheduled for 2013-2014, with the first film of the trilogy possibly released theatrically.

A rising star of the Nordic Noir crime genre, Kristina Ohlsson was, until recently, a counter-terrorism officer at OSCE (the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

Her best-selling trilogy, which has been published in 23 countries, centres around Fredrika Bergman, an investigative analyst who has joined the police from an academic background and has unconventional ideas on how to solve crime.

Patrick Nebout, CEO of Nice Drama, said: “Kirstina Ohlsson has written three brilliant books, with complex and credible characters, strong plots and Stockholm as the backdrop. As we have seen from the likes of The Killing, this kind of realistic crime has powerful international appeal. We believe these books are strong rights and we are grateful to Kristina to entrusting them to us.”

Nice Drama is also developing a feature film project based on the Swedish best seller The Centenarian Who Climbed Out The Window And Vanished.