For the first time, and not only in a Pedro Almodovar film, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas will star in the same feature.

Pedro Almodóvar is currenty wrapping rehearsals for his new film, The Brief Lovers, and Cruz and Banderas are in final negotiations to appear, and appear in a scene together.

The Brief Lovers will be an ensemble comedy and Banderas and Cruz will shoot their scenes in one day.The complete cast has been unveiled in recent days, with Almodóvar reuniting some of the most famous Spanish actors. Javier Cámara (Talk to Her) is expected to lead the cast which will also include Guillermo Toledo , Raúl Arévalo, Hugo Silva, Cecilia Roth, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Blanca Suárez, José María Yazik and Antonio de la Torre.

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The story will be set against a plane accident. The passengers, fearing for their lives, begin to confess their inner secrets. According to Agustín Almodovar, it will be a “frenzy comedy” with a flavour of Pedro’s films of the ’80s.

The Brief Lovers will open worldwide in spring 2013 (at the same time in multiple territories, to avoid piracy) and is not expected to premiere in any festival.

Those who have read the script claim that is the funniest script that Pedro has written in years.

The Brief Lovers marks the fifth time that Cruz works with Almodóvar including past films Live Flesh (1997), All About My Mother (1999) and Volver (2006). Banderas has collaborated with Almodovar seven times, very recently in The Skin I Live In (2011) 20 years after Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990).