More than 35 studios around London are included on multi-platform product.

A new guide to film & TV studios, The Studio Map, has launched in print, online and mobile editions.

Pocket Films notes that 35 studios in and around London are featured, including 3 Mills, Pinewood, Shepperton, BBC Studios and Post Production, Filmscape
Studios and Fountain Studios. More facilities across the whole of the UK will be added soon.

The guide is targeted at producers, directors, agencies and media companies.

Publisher Tony Franks noted: “There is a lot of information about film and TV studios already available, but it is often buried inside large industry handbooks, out of date, fragmented or poorly presented. In addition, it can be difficult for newcomers to the film business, like the growing numbers of indie filmmakers and
producers, to draw up a shortlist of studios suitable for their needs. My mission is to make The Studio Map the best-designed and most accessible resource for studio information.”

All formats are available for free.

Pocket has previously published 12 film guides as well as guides for other sectors.