EXCLUSIVE: Roland Joffe is plotting a prison movie set in South Africa that will deal with the Truth and Reconciliation hearings.

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker is on board to play Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the project, which has the working title The Archbishop And The Antichrist.

The film will be produced through Joffe’s company Lightmotive. Based on the play by Michael Ashton, the story imagines a meeting between the real Tutu and a boorish white South African mass murderer called Piet Blomfeld. Joffe himself has adapted the play.

Speaking in Berlin, Joffe also revealed details of another project he is preparing, In God We Trust.

“It’s a thriller about stealing a country, manipulating money but also about the desire to kill your parents - sometimes those things go together,” Joffé said.

The London-born director of The Mission and The Killing Fields is currently in post-production on his $35 million feature Singularity (sold at the EFM by Antwerp-based Corsan, the outfit behind The Devil’s Double.)

Joffé said Singularity was likely to be ready by August or September.

The film, a sweeping romantic drama set partly in the present-day and partly in 18th century colonial India, stars Josh Hartnett, Neve Campbell and Bipasha Basu.