Fusion Films partners Howard Kaplan and John Baldecchi are reporting an enthusiastic response at AFM to their $47m+ supernatural adventure romance Odd Thomasto be directed by The Mummy’s Stephen Sommers.

Kathy Morgan International is helping with international sales on Sommers’ adaptation, based on the first book from genre master Dean Koontz’s bestselling series about a young man who communicates with the dead and must use his ability to avoid a catastrophe.

Sommers set about writing the screenplay after his wife introduced him to the book. He finished it in January and the producers secured rights from Koontz in June.

 “As soon as I read the book I felt compelled to turn it into a movie,” Sommers said. “It’s a fantastic love affair between these two wonderful characters.

“The story combines action with heart, laughs and scares. It felt right to be doing this independently and I’m excited to take this to the market.”

Kaplan, Baldecchi and Sommers are producing what Kaplan said was shaping up to be a four quadrant feature.

Fusion is also talking to buyers at AFM about The Mercenary: Love And Honor, a $60m+ epic love story about an American emissary sent to the court of 18th century Russian ruler Catherine The Great. Randall Wallace (Secretariat) will direct.