IDF begins production on Federico Zampaglione’s third feature, based on a story by genre veteran Dardano Sacchetti.

Italian production company IDF, owned by actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, has started principal photography on neo giallo Tulpa.

Federico Zampaglione’s third feature is based on a story by genre veteran Dardano Sacchetti and is co-scripted by Zampaglione and Giacomo Gensini. Award-winning actress Claudia Gerini stars as Lisa Boeri, a businesswoman who by night frequents the titular sex club in search of dangerous forms of pleasure. When she discovers that her lovers are being murdered, she tries to deal with it herself to avoid a personal scandal.

Tulpa also stars Michele Placido, Nuot Arquint and Michela Cescon and will shoot for over five weeks entirely on location in Rome. IDF’s Giovanni Emidi and Silvia Natill will produce in association with Zampaglione and Gerini, while Giuseppe Di Maio will serve as DoP.

Zampaglione commented: “I’m very excited to start shooting Tulpa, but I’m aware it’s a very difficult film to make, I need to maintain a constant creepy and oppressive atmosphere and the violence is actually very, very graphic. I have to prove myself. It’s a real challenge but I’ll do my best to give new blood to the Italian Gialllo genre.”

The director received an enthusiastic reaction recently at FrightFest in Glasgow when he presented the opening seven minutes of Tulpa.