While shooting high sea Sunday afternoon at Egersund on the Norwegian west coast, for Norwegian director Paul Magnus Lundø’s feature debut, The Veil of Twilight (Skumringslandet), a three-member photo unit was hit by a giant wave and washed into the waters.

One of them managed to get ashore, while two – 25-year-old Mats Bjarg (working on the photography team) and 27-year-old Daniel Henriksbø (a producer) – are still missing. Rescue work was hampered by the strong storm.

”It was a terrible accident – the very nightmare for such a production,” Norwegian actor Sverre Anker Ousdal, who plays a starring role, told local press. Cast and crew, who have been working on locations in the Sokndal region of the Rogaland since August, were offered bereavement counselling.

Starring Scottish actor Ewen Bremner, with Denmark’s Kim Bodnia and Norway’s Ousdal and Jørgen Langhelle, The Veil of Twilight follows the investigation of a mysterious serial killer in a mountain village haunted by trolls and the Black Death. The film which is scheduled for a Aug 20 premiere will shortly complete principal photography.

Scripted by Lundø and Ronnie Larsen, the film is produced by Pål Granlund, Daniel Henriksbø and Jørn Landbakk for Vidvinkel Film on a $1.4 million (NOK 8.5 million) budget provided by private investors, without support from the Norwegian Film Institute. This accident happened few weeks after Swedish director Daniel Lind Lagerlöf disappeared under similar circumstances when filming in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast.