The producers behind Rowan Athale’s acclaimed heist thriller Wasteland (sold by Bankside in Toronto to Momentum for the UK and a host of other distributors) have revealed details of their future projects.

Speaking in Dinard (where Wasteland was screening), Mark Folgino of Molifilms and Gareth Pritchard, co-owner with Athale of Mischief Films, both disclosed several new projects in the pipeline. (Their fellow producer on Wasteland is Ed Barratt of Hook Pictures.)

Folgino is preparing Mo Ali’s new action movie Montana to go into production early next year. “If you think of The Karate Kid meets Leon with more guns, you have a flavour of the movie,” Folgino commented. The lead, a 14-year-old boy, is yet to be announced but Thomas Kretschmann is in advanced talks to play the boy’s father.

The $2 million film is being financed through EIS, the UK tax credit and private equity. “Salt are selling it,” Folgino said. “We are excited to partner with Salt.”

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Meanwhile, Athale and Pritchard are set to make a Chicago-based thriller called String.

They are also developing White On Red, a drama set in the cutthroat world of British tabloid journalism. Scripted by Athale, this is about an investigative reporter caught up in political skullduggery.

Folgino (the former owner of Molinare and one of the executive producers on The King’s Speech) and Pritchard are also planning to collaborate again on a new action thriller about event in Mirbat in the early ’70s, when SAS soldiers held off an army of invaders.

Folgino’s Molifilms is also working on Grand Theft Ortho, about two OAPs ripped off by pension schemes and banks who look to get their own back. This has been developed by TV presenter Nick Knowles and director John Miller.

“We are very optimistic that we will get that away in April,” Folgino said.

Meanwhile, Wasteland got two special mentions in Dinard from la Règle du Jeu president Alain Durand and Jury president Patrick Bruel. The film has also just secured distribution in France with Films Distribution.