If the extraordinary heights of Titanic’s final box office once seemed unattainable, Avatar proved it is more than up for the challenge internationally at least as it climbed more than 4.5% in its fourth weekend to gross $150m and raise the tally to $915.1m.

Active on 15,301 screens in 111 countries, the Fox International juggernaut easily secured its place in history as the second biggest international launch behind James Cameron’s legendary romance from 1997. Titanic amassed $1.24bn overseas and at this rate Avatar has a real shot at overtaking it. Combined with $430.8m in North America, where it also stayed top for the fourth weekend, Avatar’s global tally stands at $1.345bn.

Weekend business was powered by a truly astonishing result from China, whichaccording to confirmed figuresdelivered the biggest opening week in history on $41.4m from 2,474 screens and the biggest single day at the Chinese box office of $8.3m recorded on Saturday January 9.

France must also take the plaudits as the country became the first outside of North America to cross $100m and currently stands at $101.4m following an $12.6m weekend haul. Avatar ranks as the fifth biggest release behind Welcome To The Sticks (Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis), Titanic, Asterix: Cleopatra and Les Visiteurs.

IMAX screens generated a further $4.6m and combined with the North American cumulative total to propel Avatar to $91m worldwide, easily passing The Polar Express $71m final total to become the biggest grossing global IMAX release. IMAX Filmed Entertained president and CEO Greg Foster said he expected to cross $100m this week.

Among the leading territories are (after four weekends): Russia on $78.4m and now the biggest release ever; Germany on $73.4m; the UK on $67.1m; Spain on $60.1m and now the biggest release ever; Australia on $57.9m and the biggest release ever and the only to cross AU$60m; and South Korea on $54.7m to rank as the sixth biggest release and the biggest Hollywood release in history.

Avatar has amassed $50.8m in Japan after three weekends. Elsewhere, after four weekends, it stands at $28.4m in Mexico, where it ranks as the third biggest of all time behind Ice Age 3 and Spider-Man 3, and $28.2m in Brazil, where it is the fourth biggest film ever behind Ice Age 3, Titanic and Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 — all of which are Fox International releases. It ranks as the biggest release ever in Singapore on $6.5m after four weekends and the second biggest of all time in Taiwan behind Titanic on $16.3m.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel added a further $22.1m from 6,226 in 57 for $131.3m. Highlights include a number one Brazil launch on $5.5m including previews from 375.

Sherlock Holmes added $26.9m from 5,380 screens in 45 territories for $130m according to updated figures issued by Warner Bros Pictures International on Monday and will cross $300m worldwide this week. It opened third in Brazil on $2.4m from 316 screens and after three weekends stands at $25.1m in the UK and ranks second, $24.3m in Italy and ranks second, and $15.8m in Australia. After two weekends in Mexico the toatl has reached $6.9m.

  • Warner Bros Entertainment Italia’s Io Loro E Lara scored a number one launch in Italy, grossing an excellent $7.1m from 670 to stand at $12.4m following its mid-week launch.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s disaster movie 2012 crossed $600m thanks to a $1.9m session that raised the cumulative gross to $600.7m and $40.5m in Japan.

The romantic comedy Did You Hear About The Morgans? grossed $8.4m from 1,885 in 18 markets to boost the early tally to $15.6m. It opened in Germany on $2.3m from 500 screens.

  • Universal/UPI’s It’s Complicated grossed $8m from 1,700 venues in 17 territories to raise the romantic comedy’s early number to $23.4m and the result was driven by a strong $3.3m launch in second place in Australia from 240 sites.

  • The Prince And The Frog added $5.5m from 3,187 screens in 25 territories for $56m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International.

Old Dogs grossed $2.5m from 952 in 15 for $30m, while the sci-fi thriller Surrogates was back in action in Italy and Chile, adding a combined $1.5m for $73m. A Christmas Carol added $1.2m from 1,250 in 40 for $185.7m, and Upstands at $430m and is the second biggest Pixar performer overseas.

  • PPI’s drama The Lovely Bones grossed $1.2m from 242 sites in Australia and New Zealand to reach an early $5.4m. Cell 211 (Celda 211) added $480,000 from 188 venues in its tenth weekend in Spain for $14.8m. The prison riot drama earned a remarkable 16 Goya nominations this weekend.

  • New Moon added a further $1.7m through Summit International and has reached $406m. The leading markets are the UK on $45.2m, France on $38.3m, Germany on $36.3m, Australia on $34m, Brazil on $27m, and Mexico on $19m.

  • Mandate International’s vampire horror Daybreakersopened day-and-date with North America in the UK, CIS, Poland and Lithuania and grossed $2.2m overall from 640 screens.