Czech Republic-based festival also unveils Documentary Competition, East of West Competition and Forum of Independents selections for its 47th edition.

The 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (June 29-July 7) will feature eight world premieres and four international premieres in its main competition.

This is the second edition under Karel Och as artistic director.

Main Competition

Camion, dir Rafael Ouellet (Canada) WP
A widowed truck driver spirals into depression after an accident.

Your Beauty Is Worth Nothing… (Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert…), dir Hüseyin Tabak (Austria) WP
A young Turkish boy finds his first love when he moves to Vienna with his parents.

Hay Road (Estrada de Palha),dir. Rodrigo Areias (Portugal-Finland)
A philosophical Western inspired by Thoreau.

The Almost Man (Henrik), dir Martin Lund (Norway) WP
A thirtysomething father to be tries to maintain the illusion of youth.

Kamihate Store (Kamihate shoten), dir Tatsuya Yamamoto (Japan) WP
A local shop owner in the unique location of Kamihate tries to rid herself of sorrow. 

La lapidation de Saint Etienne, dir. Pere Vilá Barceló (Spain) WP
A sick elderly man refuses to leave his cramped apartment.

Nos Vemos Papa, dir. Lucia Carreras (Mexico)
An intimate drama about a woman who withdraws into a world of her own after a loss.

The Last Step (Peleh akhar), dir. Ali Mosaffa (Iran) WP
A psychological story starring Leila Hatami as a gifted film star with a complicated marriage.

Polski film, dir. Marek Najbrt (Czech Republic-Poland) WP
A film about friendship and the absurdities of acting, exploring the boundaries of reality and fiction.

Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy (Romanzo di una strage), dir: Marco Tullio Giordana (Italy)
About an unsolved terrorist bombing in Milan in 1969.

Boy Eating The Bird’s Food (To agori troi to fagito tou pouliou), dir. Ektoras Lygizos (Greece) WP [pictured]
This anticipated debut is an existential drama about three days in the life of an unemployed Athens boy.

To Kill a Beaver (Zabić bobra), dir Jan Jakub Kolski (Poland)
A fortysomething veteran confronts old memories when he arrives at an abandoned farm.

East of the West Competition

The Town of Ash (Až do mesta Aš), dir. Iveta Grófová (Slovak Republic-Czech Republic) WP
Social drama about a Romany girl who moves to Western Bohemia.

Shameless (Bez wstydu), dir. Filip Marczewski (Poland)
An 18-year old develops intense feelings for his elder half-sister.

House With a Turret (Dom s bashenkoy), dir. Eva Neymann (Ukraine)
Wartime drama about one boyd’s experiences during a winter’s day.

People Out There (Ljudi tam), dir. Aik Karapetian (Latvia)
Raw drama about a twentysomething petty criminal who tries to improve his life when he falls in love.

Flower Buds (Poupata), dir. Zdeněk Jiráský (Czech Republic)
Czech Lion-winning sensitive social drama about a cleaner married to a railway worker.

Practical Guide to Belgrade With Singing and Crying (Praktični vodič kroz Beograd sa pevanjem i plakanjem), dir. Bojan Vuletić (Serbia, Germany, France, Hungary, Croatia)
Collection of mini romantic comedies set in modern Belgrade.

Mushrooming (Seenelkäik), dir. Toomas Hussar (Estonia) WP
A tragicomedy about mushroom hunters.

Somewhere in Palilula (Undeva la Palilula), dir. Silviu Purcarete (Romania)
A young doctor arrives in a small town where time has stopped.

The Exam (A viszga), dir. Petér Bergendy (Hungary)
After the 1956 uprising, a young agent goes through a test of loyalty.

Yuma, dir. Piotr Mularuk (Poland-Czech Republic) WP
Drama about young friends brightening up their gray town  on the Polish-German border in the 1990s.

Documentary Competition

Barbers (Barbeiros), dir. Luiz Ferraz and Guilherme Aguilar (Brazil)
A portrait of Sao Paulo barbers.

The Bella Vista (El Bella Vista), dir. Alicia Cano (Uruguay-Germany) WP
A Uruguay soccer clubhouse is transformed into a transvestite brothel and then a Catholic chapel.

Hard To Be God (Dur d’etre dieu), dirs. Pavel Kostomarov, Antoine Cattin (Switzerland-Russia)
A portrait of Aleksei German Sr and his ongoing shoot of a Strugatsky brothers adaptation.

Two Nil (Dva nula), dir. Pavel Abrahám (Czech Republic) WP
A portrait of Czech society as seen through soccer.

The Little Team (L’ equip petit), dir. Roger Gómez, Dani Resines (Spain)
About a soccer team comprised of seven-year-olds.

For You Naked (För dig naken), dir. Sara Broos (Sweden)
Untraditional love story about a modern painter and a dancer.

I’m Leaving on Wednesday, dir. Clara Bodén (Sweden-Norway)
A nostalgic look at the romantic relationship of two young girls.

Kichot, dir. Jagoda Szelc (Poland)
A portrait of Polish artist Marcin Harlender.

Our Days, Absolutely, Have to Be Enlightened (Nos jours, absolument, doivent etre illuminés, dir. Jean-Gabriel Périot (France)About a concert in a prison in Orleans.

Polish Illusions, dir. Jacob Dammas, Helge Renner (Poland)
The lives of several people living in a modernising Polish seaside town.

Sofia’s Last Ambulance (Poslednata lineika na Sofia), dir. Ilian Metev (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany)
An observational look at Sofia’s overstretched ambulance crews.

The Queen of Versailles, dir. Lauren Greenfield (US)
About an American billionaire dreaming of building an enormous house .

Private Universe (Soukromý vesmír), dir. Helena Třeštíková (Czech Republic)
A family diary over 37 years.

A Story for the Modlins, dir. Sergio Oksman (Spain)
About a married couple who play out a bizarre apocalyptic vision in their Madrid apartment.

This Ain’t California, dir. Marten Persiel (Germany)
About the skateboarding culture of 1980s East Berlin.

Trains of Thoughts, dir. Timo Novotny (Austria) WP
A musical journey through the subways of several world cities.

Forum of Independents 

Where Ever You Go (Lean She’at Nosaat), dir Rony Sasson (Israel)
A young girl with a gun interrupts a car journey.

Leave Me Like You Found Me, dir. Adele Romanski (US)
A couple’s old vices come back during a trip to a national park.

Love Me Not, dir. Gilitte Pik Chi Leung (Hong Kong)
Two flatmates have a changing relationship.

Les manèges humains, dir. Martin Laroche (Canada) WP
An aspiring filmmaker shoots a video at the amusement park where she works, and remembers past trauma.

The Miscreants (Les Mécréants), dir.: Mohcine Besri (Morocco-Switzerland)
Young islamists kidnap a troupe of young actors.

Noor, dirs Cagla Zencirci, Guillaume Giovanetti (France-Pakistan)
A road movie about a formerly transgendered man who has a scufffle with a drunken rapist.

Noseland, dir. Aleksey Igudesman (Austria)
A mockumentary about a classical music festival in Dubrovnik.

Oh Boy!, dir. Jan Ole Gerster (Germany)
A young man becomes reckless in contemporary Berlin.

Death of a Man in the Balkans (Smrt čoveka na Balkanu), dir. Miroslav Momčilović (Serbia) WP
About the aftermatch of a lonely composer’s suicide, shot in one take.

Vacuum, dir Giorgio Cugno (Italy)
A young married couple face the struggles of parenthood.

Inside (Vast), dir. Rolf van Eijk (Netherlands)
Intimate drama about a teenage girl in a correctional facility.

In a Bedroom (W sypialni), dir. Tomasz Wasilewski (Poland)
A forty year old woman is in crisis and uses the internet to find sex.

The festival is supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and its general partner is CEZ Group. Other supporters include REW, Vodafone, City of Karlovy Vary, Sony, Eurovia, KKCG, UniCredit Bank and Budweiser Budvar.