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The projects under discussion at the two-day schedule of presentations at the US agency-led Cannes virtual market has been announced.

Pre-recorded presentations are being shown in three time zones and visitors click on the zone that best corresponds to their region: Los Angeles, Cannes, and Tokyo.

Monday’s sessions included: AGC Studio’s The Blacksmith; Wild Bunch International’s Armageddon Time; HanWay Film’s Peggy Jo; Pathé’s Notre Dame On Fire; FilmNation’s Faster Cheaper Better; Other Angle’s Lives In Secret; WestEnd Films’ Mr. Malcolm’s List; and Archstone Entertainment’s Bonzai Shadowhands.

Tuesday brings the following presentations, in chronological order on the Los Angeles schedule:

9am: STX, Ferrari

9.30am: Myriad Pictures, The Dead Spit Of Kelly

10am: Double Dutch International, TBA

11am: FilmNation, Emancipation

11.30am: Capstone Pictures, Kandahar

1.30pm: The Exchange, Replay

2pm: MadRiver International, My Son

2.30pm: Protagonist Pictures, Alpha Gang

3pm: Blue Fox Entertainment, Counterplay

3.30pm: Wild Bunch International, TBA

4pm: WestEnd Films, The Cow

4.30pm: Red Sea Media, The Last Front

5pm: STX Entertainment, Ferrari

5.30pm: Latido Films, Virus 32

XYZ Films and AMP International will show a sneak preview of Quoc Bao Tran’s martial arts comedy The Paper Tigers at the online Marché Frontières on Thursday.