First image of film released.

The Hooligan Factory wrapped its UK shoot yesterday after four weeks of filming around London and at 3 Mills and Elstree Studios.

Jason Maza is producing and starring and Nick Nevern writes and directs.

Altitude’s Will Clarke, Andy Mayson and Mike Runagall also produce.


In this first image from the film, the ‘lads’ left to right are: Joseph Atlin (“Weasel”), Morgan Watkins (“Trumpet”), Ray Fearon (“Midnight”), Steven O’Donnell (“Old Bill”), Tom Burke (“Bullet”), Nick Nevern (“Dexter”), Jason Maza (“Danny”). The cast also includes Ian Lavender, Craig Fairbrass, Tamer Hassan, and footballer Julian Dicks in a cameo. The story is a spoof of football hooligan films.

Producer Andy Mayson of Altitude Film Entertainment says: “Altitude is keen to help the next generation of filmmakers get their films made and we congratulate Jason, Nick and Michael on completing their shoot of what is a commercial genre film for today’s market.”