EXCLUSIVE: Adolf Hitler is to be recreated in digital 3D in I Killed Adolf Hitler, the new live action sci-fi feature from the team behind hit Iron Sky.

Udo Kier is also in talks to board the project, about two hired guns from London who are sent back in time to assassinate the Fuhrer.

Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola [pictured] will helm the new movie, which has been developed by Jamie and Alex Brown from London’s Studio Eight Productions.

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Tero Kaukomaa’s  Blind Spot in conjunction with Studio Eight and Niama Film’s Thomas Reisser, Gerd Hecker and Marcus Machura from Germany will co-produce, with filming set for early 2013. Kaukomaa said the budget will be bigger than that of the $10 million Iron Sky.

Vuorensola said that the new film will adopt similar digital techniques for the Hitler character to those used to create the Gollum in Lord Of The Rings. “Now, we will take it one step further and make it believable - a real character.”

The screenplay for the new film, written by DC Walker, is based on the Eisner award-winning Norwegian graphic novel.

Blind Spot is also continuing its collaboration with Aj Annila and developing his survival thriller Human together with Perfect Circle from Canada. Human is a story of a wolf that gets bitten by a woman and turns into a man. K5 is selling internationally.

The third production is a science fiction war TV series Deus X, set in year 2245, where a big war has broken out between humans, over a planet that is believed to be Heaven.

An Iron Sky prequel and sequel are also in the early stages of development. The question “how did the Nazis end up on the Far Side of the Moon” will have an answer in the three-part mini prequel series, and the story will continue in the feature film Iron Sky II.

Blind Spot recently launched Troll Vfx together with a Finnish commercial producer Mjölk and Samuli Torssonen, the CGI wizard from Iron Sky.

Irosn Sky, sold by Stealth, has been licensed to over 50 countries worldwide.