Film based on Finninsh bestselling novel by Sofi Oksanen.

Antti Jokinen has started principal photography in Tallinn, Estonia, for his new film Purge. The shoot will last until December.

The film is based on the bestselling and award-winning novel Purge by Finnish author Sofi Oksanen. The story follows two women from different eras linked by separate tales of desperation and deceit. The older woman survived deportation to Siberia in Stalin’s era, and the younger woman has been held as a sex slave by the Russian mafia.

The film stars Laura Birn, Liisi Tandefelt, Amanda Pilke, Krista Kosonen, Peter Franzen and Tommi Korplea.

Jokinen’s debut feature was The Resident starring Hilary Swank.

Markus Selin and Jukka Helle produce for Solar Films, with Taska Film in Estonia as co-producer. Backers are the Finnish Film Foundation, Estonian Film Foundation, MEDIA, and Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

TrustNordisk handles international sales, Nordisk Film holds Scandinavian rights.