CinemaNX, Hanway Films and Unanimous Pictures has announced a summer shoot for the poacher story.

Further details have emerged of thriller A Single Shot, which HanWay is selling here in Cannes.CinemaNX, HanWay Films and Unanimous Pictures have announced a summer shoot for the production, which stars Michael Fassbender (pictured), William H. Macy and Thomas Hayden Church.

Fassbender plays a poacher who makes a fatal mistake that leaves him with a suitcase full of blood money and hardened killers on his trail. As the hunter becomes the hunted, he is forced to defend his family alone.

The film will be directed by David Jacobson. Writer Matthew F. Jones adapted his own critically acclaimed novel for the screen.

HanWay Films are selling the film. CinemaNX will distribute in the UK. Chris Coen is producing for London-based Unanimous Pictures. Coen formerly produced Deepwater (also a Matthew F. Jones adaptation), Wristcutters: A Love Story, and the American-set remake of Funny Games by director Michael Haneke.

Christine Sola is also producing.