Here at the AFM, UK outfit Moviehouse is to handle sales on teen pic Cavegirl The Movie, starring fast rising teen Disney star Jennifer Stone.

The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb is composing the film’s score and will write the original title tracks for the album.

The producers are Andy Bell and Tim Woolford of Movie Part Media. Michael Auret of Spier Films, Johannesburg, is coproducing.

The film, a UK/South Africa coproduction, is directed by Sunu Honera. It will be filming around Cape Town in the New Year.

Stone will play Cavegirl in the film, adapted from the hit BBC TV series about a teenage cavegirl. She is a worldwide household name thanks to her Disney Channel sitcom, Wizards Of Waverley Place.

Jacob Zachar, one of the stars of TV’s Greek will play Stool. Luke Pasqualino of Channel 4 drama Skins is to play Cavegirl’s nemesis (and romantic interest) Chaos.

Sony Music is working with the producers to package a music line-up with cameo roles in the film’s ‘teen club’ scenes. The album of the movie is expected to feature some of Sony’s biggest musical stars.