Directors are Karl Howman and Etham Cetintas through Fog Films.

Ray Winstone (pictured) is entering Spencer Tracy territory with new British thriller A Silent Bark. The film, which Winstone is executive producing as well as starring in, is an homage to 1950s Tracy classic Bad Day At Black Rock.The twist is that A Silent Bark will be set in seaside Britain rather than in the American west, and will expose racism against immigrants rather than US post-war prejudice against the Japanese.

A Silent Bark, budgeted at £1.5 million, is being put together by the team behind Fathers Of Girls, also starring Winstone, which. It is to be directed by Karl Howman and Etham Cetintas through Fog Films in association with Silver Productions and Limefilm. The producers are Howman and Alan McQueen.

Winstone stars as Mageeley, a man sent to a rundown seaside town in the south coast of England to deliver a parcel. His arrival stirs up passions, hatred and intrigue among the locals in a community where racism is rife. McQueen is in Cannes raising finance.