English-language project to attract international cast.

Senator Film is starting pre-production now on an adaptation of Hermann Hesse’s bestseller Narcissus and Goldmund.

An international cast will be assembled for the English-language project, the tale of a freewheeling medieval monk and his pious priest.

Christoph Müller (Sophie Scholl) and Senator Entertainment CEO Helge Sasse [pictured] will co-produce for Senator Film Produktion.

Müller said: “As a freelance producer, I’m thrilled to be working together with Senator Film and Helge Sasse two years after Goethe!. Narcissus and Goldmund is one of my top five favorite novels of all time, and we will do everything we can to turn this intelligent and amazing novel into a worthy cinematic experience.”

Sasse added: “We are planning to work with an international writer and director in order to realize the moving and profound story of Narcissus and Goldmund. A deep appreciation of the novel is required to be able to transport this tale on a level that works internationally.”

Senator Film Verleih will be release theatrically in Germany, with a likely launch in winter 2014/2015.

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